The Punch-Line

Hello…My name is “Elan’s Punch it Bishop” but you can call me Mr. Punch and this is …”THE PUNCHLINE”.

What is the Punch Line?  Well it’s my ongoing chronicle of life as the Valentino of Red Poodles.  I’ll be yapping about events both gripping and adorable, as well as useful information on things like love, friendship, very large birds, smells (i.e. there is no such thing as a bad smell)….I could go on.  I will update you on my kids, one is pretty famous..But I love them all so much and am so proud of them.

Wait…..I guess I need to start at the real real beginning.  They call me a “toy poodle” but I am not a Toy.  A poodle is the most wonderful creature in the world.  You have curly curly hair (which mom INSISTS on staying combed) and you are ever so smart. I share my home with 11 friends and my great love.

First…let’s talk about the big ones…the ones who refuse to walk on all fours (kind of embarrassing when friends are over). 

My dad:  He is a big guy who rides this real big noisy thing….he calls it an INDIAN.  See picture.  He is very strong and I help him with a lot of things. He carries me with him and I can see everything.  When he holds me I know the world is right. 

My mom.  She needs me.  I have to sleep right in the crook of her neck or else she will be very very scared.  She needs me!   But…she does give me awful things like..WURRMER …….but then she gives me “HOT DOGS” which..To tell you the truth, I find a bit offensive..First because they are NOT hot and I do not eat dog..but she assures is not DOG.

Cheyenne…..ahh lovely Cheyenne.  She is an older woman but the sun rises and sets in her soft brown eyes.  Mom calls her “P-2”…dad calls her Peanut. I call her beautiful.  She has soft curly red hair like mine and always washes my face for me and is small like me. 

Lucy – She is a saucy wench black POODLE. She doesn’t like me too much but sometimes….you know……she is irresistible. Most times  though…I just admire from afar.

Ripley – It seems Dad likes “Aliens” which is where my name came from – Ripley’s too! She’s exotic – a POODLE that is black, white, gray and red they call MERLE – I call her Ripley. She is a big girl.  For some reason this month …she is really trying to get my attention…..she is very pretty…..sniff sniff..hmmmmmmmmmmm

Myrna – Myrna is a little red girl, she has fire, she pulls my leg but she mostly plays with Night (a big dog..not a poodle).  She is very cute…but she is bossy, a real busy body.   I have to bark at her a lot.

Than….we have Brigitte….who reminds me of a princess.   She does circles, walks on her back legs like a super model. She wags her tail when she walks and is always first in line to be quaffed.

So….this is me…these are my girls…my life…its complicated.  But I will figure it out!  Like my post…..and comment often. I am Mr. Punch…and this is  the  “Punch Line”!